What IS a Jaywalker, anyway?

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What is a Jaywalker, anyway?

Officially speaking, Jaywalker Lodge is a residential extended care treatment center for men with a history of failed previous attempts at recovery; a track record of rehabs followed by relapse. Unofficially, Jaywalker Lodge has gained a reputation as the last and best hope for a family or a counselor running out of options with a loved one who just doesn’t seem to “get it.”

That’s because in the addiction treatment business, the term “jaywalker” is reserved for our most stubborn cases. In the lore of the 12 Step culture, the jaywalker is that charismatic guy, an alcoholic or addict who seems to fully understand his problem and how to stop using; but who somehow never manages to STAY sober. He’s that vexing character who – the minute he starts to clean up his act – mystifies those around him by getting himself back into trouble time and time again.

As the founder of Jaywalker Lodge, I was that guy – I am a jaywalker.

Jaywalker Solutions Clients

Jaywalker men lend a helping hand on the Lakota reservation in Pine Ridge, SD

Jaywalker Lodge opened in spring of 2005 with a staff of five and this very simple conviction: We view addiction primarily as a disease of isolation, and we believe the key to building lasting sobriety is to put our best foot forward and establish lasting and significant relationships with others who are making the same effort.

We also believe that stopping addiction is not the same thing as initiating a new life in recovery. For most Jaywalkers, an intellectual grasp of the disease model and the ability to “talk the talk” of recovery is not sufficient for lasting recovery. After three rehabs and multiple failed attempts at recovery, what I needed 20 years ago was to truly understand (for the first time) what it means to have a friend, to make a friend, and to be a real and true friend to someone else.

So… over the years, that’s really what Jaywalker has become – an unapologetic school of real and lasting friendships among men. Welcome to rehab for the socially awkward and the toxically manipulative. Need to look good and be right? We understand. Check that baggage at the door and grab yourself a seat… Class is in session.

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