Jobs in Carbondale – Steve Jobs!

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Once you know how to spot them, you will find there is no shortage of “magical moments” in recovery. This holds especially true for those of us in recovery right here in Carbondale, CO. Sometimes referred to as “moments of clarity,” or an “ah-ha moment,” these are the times when the truth hits us in a pleasant way. We realize that something we have been seeking in our lives is right there in front of us. And… It’s been there all along! Hiding in plain sight, my counselor used to say.

I had a moment like that a few days ago when a friend invited me to a talk he was hosting this coming Saturday night. “I’m very excited,” said Jim Calaway, a local leading citizen of Carbondale, and founder and co-chair of the Roaring Fork Cultural Council. “My friend Walter Isaacson is coming this week – I’ll be interviewing him on his book.” Jim paused for a moment, and added, “He wrote the Steve Jobs biography, you know?”

Walter Isaacson

Oh yeah, I know. Who among us isn’t familiar with Isaacson’s bestselling biography on Steven Jobs? Of course, what I did NOT realize is that, thanks to the effort and influence of the Roaring Fork Cultural Council, Walter Issacson is coming to the Thunder River Theatre right here in Carbondale. He’s one of a lineup of ridiculously big time speakers who have or will be making their way to that same small stage, including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, author Tom Friedman, Colorado Governor Richard Lamm, and the list goes on… It’s a parade of thought-provoking authors and world leaders, hiding, as it were, in plain sight!

The beauty is that for all of us here in this small mountain town, including the clients, alumni and staff of Jaywalker Lodge, we will get to experience yet another magical moment as Walter Isaacson discusses Steve Jobs and his quirky take on “The Art of Leadership.” Will the speaker’s focus be on addiction treatment, sobriety and life in recovery? Probably not… But it will no doubt be loaded with something equally as rich for our clients – that is, providing insights and a glimpse into the life of a man whose legacy has touched all our lives. And in the end, these are the moments that make sobriety relevant… After all, recovery is so much more than abstaining from drugs and alcohol another day. For sobriety to be lasting and engaging, we need to find something more than abstinence alone. We need to find a sense of joy, abundance and meaning in everyday life. And thanks to the local citizens of Carbondale, we at Jaywalker can find magic in the moments that make up a typical week here in town. It’s hiding in plain sight, if we know where to look for it!

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